Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The "Oblivion" Skeletool

Being an unrepentant geek/nerd, I love going to sci-fi films, and I also love multitools.  That's why I enjoyed seeing the film "Oblivion".  While watching that film, there was a five second spot(hummingbird vision not required) where Tom Cruise's character deployed a white Leatherman Skeletool to cut a wire!  My wife looked at me with righteous indignation!   And I was giggling like a schoolgirl in heat(or Mythbusters playing with C-4)!
When I got home, I hopped over to Leatherman's Facebook page( and it looked like other movie watchers noticed the white Skeletool.  Well, the white Skeletool was made by Leatherman.  Reading that fact made me happy and filled my soul with the relief that the film's propmaster didn't go crazy with the white spray paint.

It's these special little things that make geeks/nerds, like me, enjoy going to and spending our hard earned money at the movies!!!

PS- Attention Leatherman!!  If you're out there. Are you considering making these as limited edition???  Hint!  HINT!!!

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