Friday, August 23, 2013

The Pocket Notebook: Low Tech Solution Perfection

(Author's note: I wish to thank Joan Honoridez, Bea Moccoro, and Nosmo King for their pictures of their notebook pictures)

Today, we have laptops, Ipods, Iphones, just about every techno toy to hold, access, and use information presented  to anyone.  Still, even in a high tech world, there is one low tech tool that has been used by almost everyone from the newscaster Peter Jennings to Leonardo Da Vinci.artists from Joan Villa-Espina Honoridez,Bea Ivanica H. Moccoro(daughter of Ms. Honoridez) to the late Pablo Picaso, along with a couple billion other people with any thoughts, imagination, and/or the ability to add 2+2.  And that tool is the POCKET NOTEBOOK!

Now, somebody reading this is thinking to themselves:"So what? I got a pocket sized spiral bound floating around my home somewhere!"

Well thanks to that "spiral", it tears up the insides of your pockets, makes for an uncomfortable carry in its own right, and the paper itself is made so cheap one would be better off writing on toilet paper.  I'm talking about QUALITY pocket notebook made of heavy gauge paper(good luck trying to tear it), bind and cover like a hard cover book.  Which gives it durability and longevity(the notebooks of Sir Issac Newton, and Leonardo Da Vinci give proof to that).  Plus, on a personal note, it looks cool too.  And(for men) when women see you scribbling in one, they think you're deep.  Win-Win!!!

Now that one has decided to cough the $13-$18 USD(depending on the brand, size, grade/type of paper,,,,etc..)  What does one get?  Now that truly depends on one's druthers.  When I first started using pocket notebook, I used a Moleskine brand 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 blank(no lines) hardcover.  Today, I use a  Moleskine 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 squared paper(originally known as "graph paper") soft cover(I have yet to find this in hardcover).

Now that one has their very own pocket notebook. Some may be thinking:"Now what do I do?"

THAT!!  Is limited only to one's imagination!!  Anything!!  Everything!!  Drawing, thoughts, apointments, schedules, societal commentary,,,, just about anything one wants/needs.  Perfect example: I use a larger Moleskine notebook as my checking account ledger(with my math skills, I need all the help I can get, and it makes my job easier).  Besides.  One might think of or discover something, write it down in one's notebook, and it might make them famous!!  Woohoo!!  Issac and "Lenny" would be proud!!!
Those out there reading this are now taking their first steps to a larger world of truth and enlightenment!  And filling these book with what was talked about in the previous paragraph can become a fun and addictive activity. And a far cheaper addiction(and far less grief) than booze, drugs, gambling, or women.  But, in time, using these notebooks will start to subtly organize all the thoughts swirling around in one's head!
And who wouldn't love that ability in this world??

Happy writing!!!

PS- here a link bibliography to help you on your way!