Friday, August 23, 2013

The Pocket Notebook: Low Tech Solution Perfection

(Author's note: I wish to thank Joan Honoridez, Bea Moccoro, and Nosmo King for their pictures of their notebook pictures)

Today, we have laptops, Ipods, Iphones, just about every techno toy to hold, access, and use information presented  to anyone.  Still, even in a high tech world, there is one low tech tool that has been used by almost everyone from the newscaster Peter Jennings to Leonardo Da Vinci.artists from Joan Villa-Espina Honoridez,Bea Ivanica H. Moccoro(daughter of Ms. Honoridez) to the late Pablo Picaso, along with a couple billion other people with any thoughts, imagination, and/or the ability to add 2+2.  And that tool is the POCKET NOTEBOOK!

Now, somebody reading this is thinking to themselves:"So what? I got a pocket sized spiral bound floating around my home somewhere!"

Well thanks to that "spiral", it tears up the insides of your pockets, makes for an uncomfortable carry in its own right, and the paper itself is made so cheap one would be better off writing on toilet paper.  I'm talking about QUALITY pocket notebook made of heavy gauge paper(good luck trying to tear it), bind and cover like a hard cover book.  Which gives it durability and longevity(the notebooks of Sir Issac Newton, and Leonardo Da Vinci give proof to that).  Plus, on a personal note, it looks cool too.  And(for men) when women see you scribbling in one, they think you're deep.  Win-Win!!!

Now that one has decided to cough the $13-$18 USD(depending on the brand, size, grade/type of paper,,,,etc..)  What does one get?  Now that truly depends on one's druthers.  When I first started using pocket notebook, I used a Moleskine brand 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 blank(no lines) hardcover.  Today, I use a  Moleskine 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 squared paper(originally known as "graph paper") soft cover(I have yet to find this in hardcover).

Now that one has their very own pocket notebook. Some may be thinking:"Now what do I do?"

THAT!!  Is limited only to one's imagination!!  Anything!!  Everything!!  Drawing, thoughts, apointments, schedules, societal commentary,,,, just about anything one wants/needs.  Perfect example: I use a larger Moleskine notebook as my checking account ledger(with my math skills, I need all the help I can get, and it makes my job easier).  Besides.  One might think of or discover something, write it down in one's notebook, and it might make them famous!!  Woohoo!!  Issac and "Lenny" would be proud!!!
Those out there reading this are now taking their first steps to a larger world of truth and enlightenment!  And filling these book with what was talked about in the previous paragraph can become a fun and addictive activity. And a far cheaper addiction(and far less grief) than booze, drugs, gambling, or women.  But, in time, using these notebooks will start to subtly organize all the thoughts swirling around in one's head!
And who wouldn't love that ability in this world??

Happy writing!!!

PS- here a link bibliography to help you on your way!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The "Oblivion" Skeletool

Being an unrepentant geek/nerd, I love going to sci-fi films, and I also love multitools.  That's why I enjoyed seeing the film "Oblivion".  While watching that film, there was a five second spot(hummingbird vision not required) where Tom Cruise's character deployed a white Leatherman Skeletool to cut a wire!  My wife looked at me with righteous indignation!   And I was giggling like a schoolgirl in heat(or Mythbusters playing with C-4)!
When I got home, I hopped over to Leatherman's Facebook page( and it looked like other movie watchers noticed the white Skeletool.  Well, the white Skeletool was made by Leatherman.  Reading that fact made me happy and filled my soul with the relief that the film's propmaster didn't go crazy with the white spray paint.

It's these special little things that make geeks/nerds, like me, enjoy going to and spending our hard earned money at the movies!!!

PS- Attention Leatherman!!  If you're out there. Are you considering making these as limited edition???  Hint!  HINT!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Enjoy Your Well Earned Rest, My Friend!!

Most of you know the history my Leatherman Skeletool CX(original serrated edge model), and how I got it as a "get well" gift from a group of members at MT.O back in 07,after my first foot infection. Along with the fact it has been my EDC ever since that day.

Well, after years of use, abuse, cleaning, lubing, replacement screwbits too numerous to mention, and situations you shouldn't subject ANY multitool to. All of that has now caught up to her The blade is showning wear down(literally), and the joints have loosen to the point I found it opening in my pocket

After a bit of soul searching. I broke down, hopped over to the Marlton REI and bought a new CX(plain edge). With the old CX officially retired to a place of honor in my curio-cabinet(in front of PST autographed engrave by Tim Leathermn himself!) .

Today and tomorrow I'll be giving the new CX her shake down carry and use. Like ant new MT, she's a beauty:factory fresh edge(the plain edge will take a bit of getting used to), joints are tight as a virgin MT should be, and she screams with the desire-"USE ME!!!!" And I look forward to the honor and priviledge of deflowering her .

Still, when I see my old CX. It brings back memories of the numerous we went ".......once more into the valley of the shadow of death........" together!! And we both came out smiling! I'm not ashamed to say, with a tear in my eye, I will miss her!!!!
PS-Hope you like the pictures of my old CX.  If you're looking for your own to play with, find a local REI at:

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Austrian Army "Bread Bag"

     A while back I was reading Thomas D. Moore's "Tomahawk's Adventure travel and survival"  blog about a French Army musette bag he owns(link: ).  FYI, he's written enjoyable blogs,which are worth the time to read.
     Still, his article brought to mind an old Austrian Army Bread Bag, that I had retired from use a number of years ago.  Well seeing Tomahawk's blog, I felt motivated to get my Bread Bag out of retirement.

     As you can see from these pictures, this bag is quality!  Nobody makes quality like this any more!  And unliked all the mass produced MOLLE gear used by today's militaries, and if damaged this Bread Bag can be easily repaired with needle and thread.  Thus giving it a history and a personality.  Before its retirement, I used a thin shoulder strap for the bag. It wasn't the most comfortable.  This time I spent a few sheckles a purchased a paddled shoulder strap from the travel gear division of Victorinox(the Swiss Army Knife people).  And that strap has made the Bread Bag a far more comfortable carry.

          Now for the compact size of the Bread Bag.  This baby, as you can see, hauls the goods!  The bag carries alot, and quite comfortably.  It even has a back flat inner pocket sized perfect for those like me who carry the Moleskine pocket notebooks.  And let us not forget the two outside side pockets: one carries a monocular, hand sanitizer and cellphone; and the other carries my glucometer(no diabetic survivalist should be without one).  Also, Unlike the french military, I don't carry a pound of bacon in my bag,  I prefer my beef jerky!
     Tomahawk!!  If you're out there!  Thank you for your Musette Bag article!!!  It helped bring an old friend of mine out of retirement!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh How I Have Missed You!

Recently, I posted this picture on Facebook, , with a commentary of when my my diabetic infected left foot heals up enough, I want to get back into dayhiking those nice soft nature trails.

Hiking nature trails is a wonderful experience!  Not only great physical exercise that is easier on the feet than "pounding concrete".  But in the emotional /psychological sense, it gives calmness to and overactive mind, and peace to one's tortured soul.  And if the trail is secluded, and noone else is around, you can face the demons that have turned your life into a misery.  BELIEVE ME!!  IT WORKS!!
And the whole world gets its volume turned down!

So to my 3 friends(the hat, hiking stick, and water bottle holder):  Patience my friends, we'll be together soon!