Friday, October 16, 2009

The wife is happy!!

Sorry for the delay folks!! Alas,,,I was in Lancaster PA., from 10/13 to 10/16, and was celebrating my 9th anniversary to my wife Susan! And for the record, it was a wonderful time!

Remember back to my first blog?? The one where I raked Harrah's Marina Casino over the coals for crap "customer service". Well , in this blog I wish to give HIGH PRAISE for their great customer servive!!
One of the companies is Willow Valley Resort( )south of Lancaster. The resort is worth EVERY PENNY!! Great rooms, great service, great everything. If you're looking for a great family vacation spot, THIS IS IT!!

Another place I wan to give praise to is Country Knives( ). This is one of the largest knife stores on the east coast of CONUS(Continental United States). When it comes to customer service and friendliness, they are the BEST OF THE BEST!! Whiloe I was there, I got a great deal on 2 Leatherman Flairs,2 Leatherman Mini-tools, and 2 Leatherman Micras(NOTE: the Flair and the Mini-tool are NO LONGER being made by Leatherman). The Huegel family is honest and upright people to spend your money with!

When it comes to eating, I have yet to have a bad meal/service ANYWHERE in Lancaster County. So this one is a tough call! One place is Millers Scmorgasboard, and Plain&Fancy Restaurants. Both are owned by Amish View Inn( ). Miller's is buffet style. Plain & Fancy is what I would call a "social restaurant",where you would sit at a "long table", with
5-6 other couples. Both places are all the food(locally grown) you can eat! So it depends on one's personality to which one is the best. If you want to "pig-out" in peace, try Miller's. If you like to talk/socialize with fellow strangers(I'm guilty of that), then Plain&Fancy is for you!

Also, while in Lancaster, I did try to do a bit of stocking os some of my emergency food preps. This is where Kitchen Kettle Village( ) came in handy. They carry many locally made jams, relishes,and pickles. Also, they sold jars of freeze dried soups(their 2 flavors are Amish Friendship Soup, and Chicken Corn Noodle Soup). And when I follow the soups cooking instructions, I have 3-5 meaols out of one jar of soup. Well, I ordered 2 cases of those soups(a case of each flavor), and paid to have it shipped home! It should be here by monday or tuesday.

Luckily, I was able to keep Susan happy for her anniversary, in spite of the fact she has a cam-walker wrapped around her left foot, due to a stress facture in one of the bones in said foot. Still, she was happy. And I think her reason for being happy was the same as mine. We stepped away from the rat race , and "got off the reservation" for a numbers of days!!

If any of you, out there, are married, try it for your next anniversary!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool,,,,,,,,,

,,,,,,,,loving both of you, is breaking all the rules!!!

Steady everybody!!! I'm not going mad, by singing hoakie 70's love songs! But I do have a bit of a moral dilemma. I am kinda torn between two loves. I'll bet your thinking:"Damn Bryan! Your wife is going to hand you your ass!!"
NO PEOPLE!! Not THAT kind of love!

My dilemma is what sharp, pointy object(s) I EDC(every day carry) in my pockets!

Presently, I switch off my EDC between two cutlery camps, both of which are of incredibly good quality:
First is Leatherman Multitool(s)
Second is the Wenger SAKs- specially the "Clippers" , and their new Ranger Series

The sad irony is that I have enough room in my pockets for either one or the other. Not both at the same time!

What is a poor knife lover, like me, to do?????

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can you feel it out there??

Inspite of BIG BROTHER/NANNY STATE Government bailing out every corrupt, undeserving, selfserving corporate ASS-CLOWN who got rich by driving his/her company(ies) and employees into the ground and choke the employees spirit into non existent. Do you still feel that the bailouts are doing NOTHING but stall the inevitable??
No, you are not crazy, I feel that way too!!
I too think the shit is about to hit the fan!!!
Now you're porbably saying:" if that is true, what can I do??"

How you do this, and/or prioritize is YOUR problem. But start by buying an extra can or two of food(make sure it is stuff you like to eat),every time you go grocery shopping. If you have debt, any debt, especially credit card debt!!!! PAY IT OFF!!!!
If you're debt free, start a savings account, and use a small amount also to have alternative savings, such as gold or silver coins. Think of the gold/silver as "life assurance".

You're now probably thinking:"But we are so few and alone! What difference could we make???"
And if you doubt me(which is what the progressive mainstream media wants you to do),there are others, like us, who are more prepped than we are, and are more than willing to give "how to" prepare wisdom for those like US!!
In fact, here are some links:

There are many more sites. And hopefully, if interested, I'll be posting more in the not to distant future!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Do you loveSAKs and MTs??

Are you a fan, collector, and user of multitools and the venerable Swiss Army Knives?? Like ME???

Well then, here are 2 websites for you!!

Two friendly little lands where all your SAK/MT fantasies become reality!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My first blog

hello everyone!!
Well I went and done it now!! I got myself my own blog!! Being who I am, It will probably be about what I know best: world commentary, survival, Swiss Army Knives, and multitools. And perhaps my forays to the casinos in Atlantis City, New Jersey.

I fact I have a commentary.
I just got home from Atlantic City. Susan(my wife) and I originally went to the Harrah's Marina Casino, for there Waterfront Buffet sunday brunch. They changed their time for breakfast from weekdays to weekends. And when we got there, they were closed for a "private brunch"!!! WTF!!!!!!
Well, that settles it, my wife and I are done with HARRAH's!!!! We got in the car, and went to the Borgata's buffet for breakfast!!!

I know that Harrah's probably doesn't give a rat's ass about loosing my business. BUT!! All the casinos in AC are whining about loosing business. But to all your casinos out there!! You want to keep the business of people like my wife and I. Don't make us feel like were strong arming you into making you take our money! We're there to have fun!! And jumping through hoops of fire and begging you to take our money is not our idea of fun!!!! At least Borgata, and a few other casinos make us feel welcome and at least act like they appreciate our business!!

PS> my first commentary! Give me time, and you'll have better!!!