Friday, March 8, 2013

The Austrian Army "Bread Bag"

     A while back I was reading Thomas D. Moore's "Tomahawk's Adventure travel and survival"  blog about a French Army musette bag he owns(link: ).  FYI, he's written enjoyable blogs,which are worth the time to read.
     Still, his article brought to mind an old Austrian Army Bread Bag, that I had retired from use a number of years ago.  Well seeing Tomahawk's blog, I felt motivated to get my Bread Bag out of retirement.

     As you can see from these pictures, this bag is quality!  Nobody makes quality like this any more!  And unliked all the mass produced MOLLE gear used by today's militaries, and if damaged this Bread Bag can be easily repaired with needle and thread.  Thus giving it a history and a personality.  Before its retirement, I used a thin shoulder strap for the bag. It wasn't the most comfortable.  This time I spent a few sheckles a purchased a paddled shoulder strap from the travel gear division of Victorinox(the Swiss Army Knife people).  And that strap has made the Bread Bag a far more comfortable carry.

          Now for the compact size of the Bread Bag.  This baby, as you can see, hauls the goods!  The bag carries alot, and quite comfortably.  It even has a back flat inner pocket sized perfect for those like me who carry the Moleskine pocket notebooks.  And let us not forget the two outside side pockets: one carries a monocular, hand sanitizer and cellphone; and the other carries my glucometer(no diabetic survivalist should be without one).  Also, Unlike the french military, I don't carry a pound of bacon in my bag,  I prefer my beef jerky!
     Tomahawk!!  If you're out there!  Thank you for your Musette Bag article!!!  It helped bring an old friend of mine out of retirement!!