Sunday, May 26, 2013

Enjoy Your Well Earned Rest, My Friend!!

Most of you know the history my Leatherman Skeletool CX(original serrated edge model), and how I got it as a "get well" gift from a group of members at MT.O back in 07,after my first foot infection. Along with the fact it has been my EDC ever since that day.

Well, after years of use, abuse, cleaning, lubing, replacement screwbits too numerous to mention, and situations you shouldn't subject ANY multitool to. All of that has now caught up to her The blade is showning wear down(literally), and the joints have loosen to the point I found it opening in my pocket

After a bit of soul searching. I broke down, hopped over to the Marlton REI and bought a new CX(plain edge). With the old CX officially retired to a place of honor in my curio-cabinet(in front of PST autographed engrave by Tim Leathermn himself!) .

Today and tomorrow I'll be giving the new CX her shake down carry and use. Like ant new MT, she's a beauty:factory fresh edge(the plain edge will take a bit of getting used to), joints are tight as a virgin MT should be, and she screams with the desire-"USE ME!!!!" And I look forward to the honor and priviledge of deflowering her .

Still, when I see my old CX. It brings back memories of the numerous we went ".......once more into the valley of the shadow of death........" together!! And we both came out smiling! I'm not ashamed to say, with a tear in my eye, I will miss her!!!!
PS-Hope you like the pictures of my old CX.  If you're looking for your own to play with, find a local REI at:

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