Sunday, October 4, 2009

My first blog

hello everyone!!
Well I went and done it now!! I got myself my own blog!! Being who I am, It will probably be about what I know best: world commentary, survival, Swiss Army Knives, and multitools. And perhaps my forays to the casinos in Atlantis City, New Jersey.

I fact I have a commentary.
I just got home from Atlantic City. Susan(my wife) and I originally went to the Harrah's Marina Casino, for there Waterfront Buffet sunday brunch. They changed their time for breakfast from weekdays to weekends. And when we got there, they were closed for a "private brunch"!!! WTF!!!!!!
Well, that settles it, my wife and I are done with HARRAH's!!!! We got in the car, and went to the Borgata's buffet for breakfast!!!

I know that Harrah's probably doesn't give a rat's ass about loosing my business. BUT!! All the casinos in AC are whining about loosing business. But to all your casinos out there!! You want to keep the business of people like my wife and I. Don't make us feel like were strong arming you into making you take our money! We're there to have fun!! And jumping through hoops of fire and begging you to take our money is not our idea of fun!!!! At least Borgata, and a few other casinos make us feel welcome and at least act like they appreciate our business!!

PS> my first commentary! Give me time, and you'll have better!!!

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