Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can you feel it out there??

Inspite of BIG BROTHER/NANNY STATE Government bailing out every corrupt, undeserving, selfserving corporate ASS-CLOWN who got rich by driving his/her company(ies) and employees into the ground and choke the employees spirit into non existent. Do you still feel that the bailouts are doing NOTHING but stall the inevitable??
No, you are not crazy, I feel that way too!!
I too think the shit is about to hit the fan!!!
Now you're porbably saying:" if that is true, what can I do??"

How you do this, and/or prioritize is YOUR problem. But start by buying an extra can or two of food(make sure it is stuff you like to eat),every time you go grocery shopping. If you have debt, any debt, especially credit card debt!!!! PAY IT OFF!!!!
If you're debt free, start a savings account, and use a small amount also to have alternative savings, such as gold or silver coins. Think of the gold/silver as "life assurance".

You're now probably thinking:"But we are so few and alone! What difference could we make???"
And if you doubt me(which is what the progressive mainstream media wants you to do),there are others, like us, who are more prepped than we are, and are more than willing to give "how to" prepare wisdom for those like US!!
In fact, here are some links:

There are many more sites. And hopefully, if interested, I'll be posting more in the not to distant future!!

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