Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh How I Have Missed You!

Recently, I posted this picture on Facebook, , with a commentary of when my my diabetic infected left foot heals up enough, I want to get back into dayhiking those nice soft nature trails.

Hiking nature trails is a wonderful experience!  Not only great physical exercise that is easier on the feet than "pounding concrete".  But in the emotional /psychological sense, it gives calmness to and overactive mind, and peace to one's tortured soul.  And if the trail is secluded, and noone else is around, you can face the demons that have turned your life into a misery.  BELIEVE ME!!  IT WORKS!!
And the whole world gets its volume turned down!

So to my 3 friends(the hat, hiking stick, and water bottle holder):  Patience my friends, we'll be together soon!

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